Thursday, November 17, 2016

Little did she know

Welcome to another new segment on Anna's Rambles called Prompt Day. Every Thursday, I will focus on a new prompt to keep my creative juices flowing.

This week, I've chosen to create a short story based on the phrase "little did she know". Please enjoy!
It's been a long and hard year for Michelle. Being the head cheerleader at her high school takes a lot of energy out of her already, but when you add all advanced placement classes, yearbook committee, and a boyfriend to the mix, well, things can get hectic. Little did she know, her life was about to change in a big way.

She expected the kitchen to be empty as it normally was on Saturday mornings. Her mother and father both worked for a large law firm and often had to work on the weekends. But as she walked down the stairs, she was hit with a waft of peppery bacon and burnt toast.

"Good morning, Michelle," her mother says as she enters the kitchen. Her father is sitting at the rarely used kitchen table reading a newspaper and drinking his morning cup of coffee. When he sees Michelle, he puts down the paper and clears his throat with a crisp "Ahem".

"Good morning, mum," Michelle responds. "What's going on?" She looks back and forth between her mother and father as a plate of eggs, bacon, and toast is placed before her. The eggs are runny, the bacon soft, and the toast is burnt but that isn't surprising considering her mom hasn't cooked for the family since she was four.

"Michelle, we need to have a serious conversation with you," her father states in his matter of fact way.

Michelle doesn't yet realize that something big is amiss, so she says "Can it wait until tonight? I'm supposed to meet Christina to plan out some new moves for competition next week."

"I'm afraid not, dear," her mother chimes in. "We have some big news."

Her father, ever the lawyer, gets right to the point. "Your mother and I have been working at the firm for many years and our service has finally paid off. We've both been promoted to partner. We are being transferred to the New York office starting Monday morning".

"That's awesome, guys! So when do you leave?" Michelle wonders.

"We leave today," her mom answers. "You should start packing your clothes now. Whatever you can't get done today we can come back for in a few weeks".

Michelle pauses mid bite. " what are you saying?"

"You're coming with us, of course. You start at Dalton on Monday."

I encourage each of you to create your own story based on little did she know. If you complete this, please comment below with the story or even a link to the blog post it is written on. I'm so excited to see what you guys can come up with.

If you have any ideas for a future prompt I should work on, let me know in the comments! If I choose your prompt, I will link to your blog when I post the prompt!